Description of this Polypropylene yarn
We supply PP Punched Bcf Yarn, PP Twisted Yarn, PP Heatset Yarn and PP Frize Yarn.

Bcf yarns are generally used in area carpet weaving, wall to wall carpet weaving, car upholstery and doormats. It’s chosen for hygiene and health reasons on area carpets and wall to wall carpets.

Twisted yarn is used for keeping the yarn from dispensing and creating a different effect than intermingled yarn on carpet.
Parameters of this Polypropylene yarn
Product Name PP Monofilament Yarn for curtain tape
Material PP Monofilament yarn
Shape Round
Color Transparent, raw white, can be customized
Feature Eco-friendly, outstanding overall performance and characteristic
UV. Resistance 8~10 years , Approved by SGS
Applications Curtain Tape
Package paper bobbin, H-beam spool
Certificate SGC, ISO, CE etc.
Service Accept free proofing and sample test 
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