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 Hollow polypropylene yarn sewing thread is a special polyester yarn, which is different from conventional polyester yarn in strength, shrinkage and breaking elongation. General strength
The strength of fiber polyester yarn has a close relationship with the fastness of the fabric and the production efficiency. The strength is the basis of the strength of the fabric. Therefore, the full yarn and the high elongation of the wool are important indicators of quality. Since the strength directly affects the quality,fibrillated pp yarn, It is required to have a proper tensile strength, and the wool yarn and the wool yarn are loosened and the strength is lowered; High Strength Polypropylene Yarn,the strong stretch is too small, the strength is increased, and the yarn and the pile yarn become stiff. The strength of the yarn and the wool yarn are different from the raw materials and processing degree, as well as the fiber arrangement. The quality of the raw materials is good, the fibers are arranged neatly, Polypropylene yarn uses,and the strength of the wool yarn is higher and the expansion performance is good. .
Parameters of this Sewing Thread Hollow Polypropylene Yarn Manufacturer
Name pp multifilament yarn,pp yarn,FDY yarn
Composition polypropylene
Details Technic FDY
Weight range 300D-1500D
Filament 45F/60F/72F/120F/130F
Carton Size  L 66cm X W 33cm X H 30.5cm
Bobbin Height 150mm X Outer diameter 90mm X inner diameter 75mm
Package 5.0 kgs /Bobbin, 4 Bobbins into a Carton.
Feature Eco-friendly,water resistance, etc
Usage Webbing,Rope,Sewing Thread,Safety Net,Elastic Band,Container Bag,Sling belt,Geo-Textile,Artificial Grass etc
Benefits Dope dying for various colors,Water resistance,Recyclization,High stiffness,High impact stress,UV stability,Intermingled (25 point per meter)
(A) Regular tenacity :    of 1.8- 2.5 gm per Denier.
            Denier Range :   300D, 450D, 600D, 840D and 1200D.
                   End uses :   a.  for manufacturing Narrow-Woven Fabric.
                                       b.  Polypropylene Cloth
(B) High tenacity :   of 3.5 gm/Den - 5.5 gm/Den for industrial use.The product can add U.V. stablised.
      Denier Range :   300D, 450D, 600D, 900D and 1200D.
        Color Range :  Wide color range as per requirement can be supplied.
             End uses :  a. High strength Narrow-Woven fabric (tape).
                                b. High strength fabric.
                                c. Twinning for fish net.
                                d. Stitching yarn for pay closing.
                                e. Filter cloth.
                                f. Geo textiles.
                               g. FIBC (jumbo) bags.
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