Application of this virgin color strong pp multifilament yarn twisted
Pp yarn is widely used in the safety net belt, pp multifilament yarn twisted,Manufacturers,Supplier,Exporter,Factory,flexible container bags, geotextile, industrial filter cloth, ropes, cables, high-pressure fire hose, conveyor belt,industrial sewing thread, concrete cracking fiber, canvas in areas such as a substitute for poliester, nylon, polythylene, as a new ideal of chemcial fiber material.
The twist of the yarn is expressed in number of turns per meter or inch. virgin color strong pp multifilament yarn,The direction of the roundabout is divided into S捻 and Z捻. Within a certain range of twist, the strength of the yarn increases as the twist increases. The twisting direction of the single yarn and the twisting of the strand are selected according to the purpose of the strand. Usually the single yarn and the strand are in the opposite direction, ie ZS or SZ. The single yarn has an optimal ratio to the twist of the strand. Within this range, strong pp multifilament yarn,the strand strength increases as the strand twist increases, and the strand strength decreases as it exceeds the critical value. The properties of the fibers and the spinning process play a decisive role in the properties of the yarn. During the twisting process, the ring yarn is transferred from the inner layer to the outer layer and then from the outer layer to the inner layer due to the transfer of the fiber. The axis of the fiber around the yarn is spiral, and the radius of the spiral is along the axis. nylon multifilament yarn,The direction increases or decreases alternately.


high strength, anti-aging,acid and alkia,light weight,abrasion resistance, low thermal conductivity, resistance to seawater corrosion, non-hygroscopic,etc 

Parameters of this virgin color strong pp multifilament yarn twisted
Specification 300-3000D
Filament Multifilament yarn 60F/90F/120F/144F/160F/200F
Tenacity 3.0-7.0 g/d
Twist 40-150TPM
Crack elongation 15-25%
Tensile strength >= 500Mpa
Elastic modulas >=3850Mpa
Acid & Alkali resistant Yes
Melting point 240-260℃
Deviation of line density -0.03
Crack elongation 15-25%
CV of strength <=4%
Shrink in boiling water <=3%
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