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PP hollow yarn introduction:
HOT SALE blue hollow pp yarn raw materials: pp.

PP hollow yarn specifications: 300D-1800D, color can be customized according to customer requirements.

hollow polypropylene yarn shape: cross-section of the hollow-shaped polypropylene wire, also known as polypropylene light silk or polypropylene light body yarn.

PP hollow yarn advantages: polypropylene with a simple production process, high strength, relatively low density, good hygroscopicity, good wear resistance, good electrical insulation and so on. Can be mixed with a variety of fibers made into different types of blended fabric.

320D hollow polypropylene yarn use: mainly used for polypropylene fabric, polypropylene clothing accessories, polypropylene decorative accessories, polypropylene car cushion, polypropylene ribbon, polypropylene rope, and so on.

PP hollow core Yarn Applications: safety mesh belt, flexible container bag, geotextile cloth, industrial filter cloth, rope, cable, high pressure fire hose, conveyor belt, industrial sewing thread, concrete crack fiber, canvas cloth, sand cloth, mattress cloth

Parameters of this PP hollow yarn manufacturers
Denier 300D-1000D
Tenacity normal Tenacity(1.8-2.5gpd); medium tenacity (2.6-4gpd); high tenacity(4-8gpd)
Type FDY(Fully drawn yarn)
Color all colors available
Intermingle knots 20 - 50 knots per meter
Regular filament 32F,60F,72F,90F,96F     (144F,160F,208F also available)
Deviation of line density -0.025
Percentage of elongation 15-25%
CV for percentage of elongation ≤4%
Shrinkage in boiling water ≤5%
Oil Rate ≤2%
MOQ 1000kgs/color
Packing carton or sack
Core size big core : 12.5cm * 15cm
(outer diameter of the core * the height of the core) medial core : 11cm * 15cm
  small core : 9cm * 14.5cm
Payment TT 30 % Deposit,against BL copy,pay the balance
Delivery date within 18days after receiving deposit
Shipping terms FOB or CIF
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